(1991 – 2024)

The campaign activities included among a few: protest rallies, vigils, signed letters,
postcards to Congress, informative chats, and meetings held at various neighborhoods
within numerous cities in the Los Angeles County. Also, groups of people traveled to
Washington D.C. in an effort to pressure Congressmen for an Immigration assistance to
benefit the immigrant population.

In 1992, we expanded the work of ASOSAL and created different Departments such as
Cultural, Legal, Humanitarian, and Public Relations. Currently, these Departments are
formed by numerous volunteers in an effort to establish and accomplish
cultural identity, humanitarian projects and educational effort.

One of our strategies has been to unite forces with other organizations to work together
and create alliances with various coalitions at a local and national level. Presently, we have
initiated a campaign in an effort to obtain a Permanent Residence for all applicants of the
TPS program initiated in 2001 as well as for the expansion of DAPA and DACA.

ASOSAL has been an active member of the Salvadoran American National Network (SANN),
formed by pro-immigrant organizations in the majority of big cities of the American Union.
Also, we are members of the National Alliance of Latin Americans and Caribbean
Communities (NALACC – Alliance Americas). In previous years, we have also worked
with a Central American Coalition in Los Angeles.


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